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Vidor Police Chief Gives Emergency Information For Rescue Operations

Flood waters in Southeast Texas hiding deadly dangers underneath, prompts warning for first responders. Photo by Jerry Jordan/SETINVESTIGATES.COM

The city of Vidor is responding as quickly as possible to emergency calls for help as floodwaters continue to rise and people are trapped in their homes.

“Right now, we have over 400 people on our list waiting for help and we are working to get to every one of them,” said Rod Carroll, Vidor Chief of Police, in an interview with SETINVESTIGATES.COM. “My guys stayed over and have volunteered their time to help rescue our citizens and we have been out all morning.

Carroll said he has every asset available and all manpower on the streets pulling people out of flooded areas – something they did as late as they safely could into the evening, as well. He stressed that residents should be careful when walking in the streets because several manhole covers have been pushed up by water.

“If someone falls in one of those holes it could be a deadly situation,” he told SETINVESTIGATES.COM. “And please make sure not to let children play in the ditches as the water currents are very swift in areas.”

Carroll said anyone in need of rescue or facing an emergency situation should call one of the following three numbers:




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