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Calvin Walker Suspected of Domestic Violence

Photo of one of the luxury vehicles owned by Calvin Walker. Photo by Jerry Jordan

Beaumont Police responded to the home of Calvin Gary Walker Monday evening at approximately 8 pm in reference to a call about a disturbance between the embattled electrician and his wife, according to the Beaumont Police Department.

Walker was not taken into custody but sources have said the matter is being investigated as a domestic disturbance involving violent acts by Walker. A source said it is expected that Walker, who is currently on felony bond for state charges related to allegedly defrauding the Beaumont Independent School District, could be taken into custody Tuesday, or at the least, be required to appear before the judge in his Jefferson County criminal case.

Attempts to reach Walker were unsuccessful as he did not accept multiple phone calls from SETINVESTIGATES.COM nor did he respond to a text message. Walker’s voicemail was full so no message could be left for him.

Unconfirmed Internet reports state that Walker destroyed his wife, Stacey Walker’s, Mercedes after she told him that she wanted a divorce.

Walker pleaded guilty to charges related to tax fraud, specifically failing to pay his taxes in a timely manner, in federal court. This was after a jury failed to reach a verdict in a case where he was charged with 37 separate counts alleging he stole millions of dollars from taxpayers and students in the Beaumont Independent School District.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Information about this latest situation with Walker is still coming together and SETINVESTIGATES.COM will provide an update on Tuesday. It is important to note that no one has been arrested or charged with any criminal act at this time.

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