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BREAKING NEWS: Judge Crone dismisses Calvin Walker case against media and Mike Getz

Just minutes ago, a ruling was signed by U.S. Judge Marcia Crone that dismissed – with prejudice – the defamation, libel and slander claims of Calvin Walker against Jerry Jordan, Mike Getz, Wayne Reaud and The Examiner Newspaper.

The order affirmed the findings of U.S. Magistrate Judge Keith Giblin and ends the claims Walker’s has against the defendants that filed objections under the Texas Citizens Participation Act.

“For the foregoing reasons, the court ORDERS that the magistrate judge’s report and recommendation (#170) is ADOPTED,” states the order, “Plaintiffs’ objections are OVERRULED. The court further ORDERS that the Defendants’ motions to dismiss under the TCPA (#’s 16, 65, 73) are GRANTED and all of Plaintiffs’ claims against the Defendants are DISMISSED in their entirety, with prejudice, as set out in Judge Giblin’s report and recommendation.”

Because several of the defendants requested sanctions against Walker, there likely will be a hearing set for those actions at a later date. There are also allegations of RICO violations against the defendants that may also have to be heard.

UPDATE: The RICO charges against the named defendants were also dismissed by Judge Crone.

SETINVESTIGATES.COM will update this information as it becomes available.

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