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Jerry Jordan – Editor

‘Our liberty cannot be guarded but by the freedom of the press, nor that be limited without danger of losing it.’ – Thomas Jefferson to John Jay, 1786.

SETINVESTIGATES.COM is an online investigative news organization unlike anything ever offered in Southeast Texas. It is the creation of award-winning and nationally-recognized investigative reporter Jerry Jordan, who is known for his extensive work in breaking the biggest news stories in Southeast Texas. SETINVESTIGATES.COM is committed to being non-partisan with the eventual goal of becoming a not-for-profit foundation that can help educate young journalists on what it takes to become a true investigative reporter.

Jordan’s investigative skills are well-known and well-respected both locally and on the national level. He has been honored with dozens of local, state and national journalism awards and has been the recipient of the Best Investigative News Article award for the past five years by the Press Club of Southeast Texas. But his skills are not limited to print journalism, as he has also been honored for work on stories that crossed over into radio and television.

The idea behind SETINVESTIGATES.COM is to provide people in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana with a place to find the most in-depth reporting of important issues affecting them – most stories will be of local importance. But as he has done in the past, Jordan may also work on statewide and national issues that reach beyond the boundaries of this region. Whether it is a story about bringing in illegal immigrants from Mexico to take jobs from local workers or corruption in the public sector, SETINVESTIGATES.COM will work to shine the light of day on those who hide in the shadows.

SETINVESTIGATES.COM will feature major investigative news articles, as well as, providing updates on other stories occurring throughout the week. SETINVESTIGATES.COM can’t cover every single story out there – no media outlet can – but we will have the big ones and the ones you can’t find elsewhere.

To do that, it takes support from people who want to see hard-nosed, investigative journalism – the kind of journalism that is lacking throughout the nation. SETINVESTIGATES.COM has implemented a minimal subscription price of $24 a year – $2 a month – to cover the costs associated with providing top-notch investigative news coverage. We appreciate your support.
Feel free to contact SETINVESTIGATES.COM at any time via telephone at 409-498-1074 or by email at