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EXCLUSIVE: Stacy and Calvin Walker Give Views of What Happened on Roland Road?

A happier time for Stacy and Calvin Walker as they walk from the Jack Brooks Federal Courthouse after a jury failed to reach a verdict in his case. Photo by Jerry Jordan

A domestic matter involving Calvin Walker and his wife, Stacy, resulted in no one being injured but thousands of dollars in property damage to multiple vehicles, SETINVESTIGATES.COM can confirm.

In an exclusive interview, both Walkers responded to questions from SETINVESTIGATES.COM with one of them giving details indicating their marital status is likely over; or will be soon.

Additionally, Stacy Walker confirmed she was not injured during an altercation Monday night with her husband, the embattled Beaumont electrician currently released from jail on bond for felony charges in state court that he defrauded the Beaumont Independent School District out of millions of dollars.

“No, I was not injured. Thank you for checking,” Stacy Walker stated in a message seeking comment about what had happened. “He destroyed my 2016 Mercedes Benz. He did not cause any harm to me. Calvin was following me very close then he went around me. We came to a stop I started blowing my horn to get the attention of some people that were sitting outside. My cousin drive by, I asked him to call the police so Calvin can stop blocking me. While waiting on the police, Calvin put his truck in drive and pulled up then put it in reverse and hit the front of my Escalade with the back of his truck. There was minor damage to the SUV.”

Asked about Internet reports that he used a hammer to destroy the Mercedes, Stacy Walker confirmed the information was accurate.

“Yes he used a hammer and knocked out all of my windows and sunroof. He also hammered my hood, driver side door and fender,” she said.

At this time, the Mercedes is still at the house they share on Roland Road in north Beaumont.

Attempts to reach Calvin Walker, on Monday night, after the incident were unsuccessful and his voicemail was full. However, he reached out to SETINVESTIGATES.COM Tuesday morning – returning phone calls from the night before. Calvin Walker explained his side of the story and that there was no violence during the domestic squabble.

“It is exaggerated, nothing happened over here at all,” Calvin Walker said, during the telephone call. “The police did show up but nothing happened over here. Some friends of mine read your report and your report was pretty much very misleading as it relates to domestic violence or domestic whatever. There was no violence over here. They did come but I mean nobody was arrested for no reason and there was no reason for anything.

“But I am not at liberty to continue to comment further on your post there but I think, well I know for a fact, that your story is completely misleading to the public. It wasn’t even nothing that necessarily warranted the police coming out but they came out. I’m just like, hey man, whatever. But I can’t comment any further on that but I appreciate you calling and checking in on me.”

When told about reports that he and Stacy had an argument and that he caused damage to her Mercedes, Walker laughed and said the information wasn’t true.

“Is that what was said,” Calvin Walker replied. “I’ll tell you what man, okay, that is completely inaccurate, man. But that is okay. I am used to them reporting negative stuff on me. That is okay. That absolutely did not happen. I believe that would warrant some kind of arrest to do something like that. I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say but I am okay with the report. I just think that it is misleading and anybody else that reports anything outside of the facts is misleading. Alright Jerry, you take it easy, thanks for calling.”

The Beaumont Police Department confirmed they made a call to the Walker residence at approximately 8 p.m., on Monday, but details of the call were not immediately available. Per Texas law it is not necessarily illegal to destroy your own property. However, if an insurance claim is filed conflicts could come into play.

A spokesperson for the Beaumont Police Department said the situation is being reviewed.

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